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I Want This For Evie Someday

One of the thoughts I had when I first found out about Evie's 21st chromosome was that she wouldn't be able to go to college, get a job, and get married. Since then, I've read about DS 孩子们 who go on to do amazing things, and ordinary things like getting a degree, getting a job, living in their own place, and even getting married.  I want Erick to someday interrogate someone about how he will treat our daughter. I want him to dance the First Dance with her 在 her wedding and cry my eyes out.
Evie's 1st Easter dress!

I saw the video below and it gave me hope--hope that 一 day Evie will find someone who falls in 爱 with her and cherishes her. He doesn't have to be rich, he doesn't have to be brilliant, and he doesn't even have to know how to drive (cue Shania Twain song). 

This is yet another example in which I remind myself that I cannot control Evie's destiny. She is our 礼品 from God, and God 爱s her more than I could possibly 爱 her. Therefore I will have to entrust her 心 to Him. In the meantime, I'll do my best to teach her that she is 爱d and she is treasured, and that she can share her 爱 with others.

Evie's Favorite Masks

 Hi all!  This is Evie, and I want to share with you about my favorite 口罩. Mommy tried a few different 类型, and this is the 一 that I ...