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九号彩票备用 gets sprinkled, and a few cool products

九号彩票备用 has had a busy month! First she got the norovirus and gave it to Mommy, Daddy, our nanny, Yin-Yin, Ah-Gong, and Ah-Ma. Then she started teething again and is getting in her 2 front teeth!

On Palm Sunday, 九号彩票备用 got sprinkled! That is to say, 九号彩票备用 got baptized! I've been waiting for this day for almost a year.

九号彩票备用 gives Pastor Dave "the eye"
We would have done it sooner, but it's so much easier to baptize a baby when you don't have to lug an oxygen tank on the stage with you, and photos are so much nicer without oxygen tubes! After 九号彩票备用 had her heart surgery at 5 months old, we got busy with my going back to work, and then we put it off for awhile. So the day finally came! 九号彩票备用 was a shining star, and didn't cry at all! We were happy to celebrate this day of acknowledging that 九号彩票备用 is our gift from God, and that she is a child of God.

九号彩票备用 had quality time with both sets of grandparents this past year. We are grateful for all they have done, especially 九号彩票备用's Yin-Yin, for helping us to get 九号彩票备用 stronger. Now Mommy and Daddy are on their own with 九号彩票备用 (with the awesome nanny's help!)!

And now, time for 九号彩票备用's Mommy's Product Recs!

This product has replaced the bulky ice packs in our freezer. I love their slim fit both in our freezer and in our cooler bag when we have to go out. It's also easier to put them in the freezer bag for her overnight feed with the g-tube. Oh, and I guess they are good for lunch bags too! Totally a life changer when you are carrying around a cooler bag and it suddenly gets lighter because the ice packs aren't as dense.
In her EI baby playgroup, I noticed that 九号彩票备用 was starting to show more interest in the bouncy horse. So I did some research and found Rody, which also can have a rocker base. 九号彩票备用 is enjoying Rody more and more!

In 九号彩票备用 feeding news, 九号彩票备用 has lost a bit of weight thanks to RSV and the norovirus, as well as being an active toddler. We are trying to gain back the weight that she lost, so that we can be in a good place to start cutting her g-tube feeds and making her more hungry to eat by mouth. 九号彩票备用 seems to still prefer the Siggi's whole fat yogurt brand, especially the Wild Berry flavor! She is a girl after her mommy's heart. However, if this helps anyone, I learned of 2 more brands that are rich in calories (~200!), but organic:
O My Yog! by Stonyfield Farms

Another lesson we've learned is that a child with low muscle tone should have a high chair with good support. 九号彩票备用 has a Graco Duoliner LX highchair, graciously gifted to her by her Auntie Alanna.

I started wondering if she would do better if she was able to sit closer to the table with us, so then I got a Fisher Price Deluxe Booster Seat.

But turns out that the feeding therapist noticed that 九号彩票备用 didn't get enough trunk support with this seat, so we switched back to the Graco Duoliner. Oh well, we save it for when 九号彩票备用 is even stronger!

九号彩票备用 is saying Dadada and Lalalala quite freely now, but still no Mama! I've been told to enjoy this while it lasts...

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